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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rod Jetton- Table Rock Lake Swim

I decided to try a swim to give my leg some more rest.  I asked Jami if she wanted to go out on the point by the dam and watch me swim.  She said yes because she likes to go out there and read her Bible and watch nature.  It was a cooler night and I went down to where the ropes go across the water to the emergency spillway Schultz and Summers Engineering worked on.

I eased in the water and started the crawl stroke.  That’s lasted about 50 years and I was tired.  I kept it up but was getting winded.  I’ll make this post short because it’s not that exciting.  I side stroked, back stroked and dog paddled over to the other side.  It took 6 min.

I rested for 2 min then started back.  That took a bit longer, 9 min, but I made it.  I was thinking about entering a short triathlon that Branson is hosting with a 450 yard swim.  I hoped my swim was 450 years but when Dad looked at it the other day he thought it might be 100 yards across which leaves me 250 yards shy of the race distance.  
Does it look like a football field to you?

The worst part is that after I was done I was completely drained.  I mean I felt good, but I was tired.  My whole body was just used up.  I hate to think about having to bike and run after that.  

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