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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rod Jetton- Bike Ride in Branson

Branson and the Lake behind me
Since my leg was hurting I decided to get a bike ride in.  I took my mountain bike because the road in front of my house (76 east) is VERY narrow, and if I had to go off road I wanted the mountain bike.  The first three miles were all downhill to the Branson Landing.  I went through a roundabout and towards Hollister.  Then up the big long hill to School of the Ozarks (Hard work U).  Did I mention this hill is long?  By the time I was at the top I was over 5 mile into the ride.

Then I turned on a residential road that went down to Lake Tanycomo and I mean it went down fast.  It was nice going down but I knew coming back up would not be easy.  The road followed the lake for awhile, which was nice before I again had to start climbing.  This hill was not as steep but it was long and I thought I reached the top twice only to find that I had another long stretch of uphill.  The final level was the steepest and my legs were shot.  I hate to admit it but I got off and walked it up that last part.  

I then rode over to the scenic overlook on 265 and stopped.  That was 9 miles and a great view of Branson.  I stopped and rested took a few photos and started back.  The long ride down was easy and it went fast.  Before I knew it I was headed back up the very steep uphill.  I quickly got off and walked up the hill and was feeling really bad.  It was hot and I was hurting.  

After I finally made it to the top I coasted all the way back through Hollister and to the landing where my final 3 miles were almost all uphill.  Again I got off and walked the steepest parts and slowly rode in my easiest great the flatter uphills.  I made it home jumped quickly into the pool and cooled down.  My camelback was dry because this was an afternoon ride and it was hotter than I expected it to be on the bike.  

Over all it was fun ride and good for my legs to cross train.  My calf felt a lot better after the ride.       

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