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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rod Jetton- Morning Trail Run

Clouds before I started at 5:45  
Two weeks ago I got a morning trail run in on the scenic overlook.  It's the 5.2 mile loop I ran when i started down at the Log Church.  As always it was hot but there were a few clouds in the sky.  I started running down hill and felt good but about two miles into the run my calf tightened up and was killing me.  I don't know that it is badly hurt and I guess it was just a cramp but instead of running two laps I just ran one.

As I finished it started raining which cooled things off, but my calf hurt to bad to run.  I ran it in 1:03 which with the leg slowing me down was not that bad.  But I really need to get my milage up if I am to have any chance of finishing a 31 mile race in October.  

Rain hitting the parking lot

Sun shining through the rain

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