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Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Lord has blessed the trip so far. My plane took off late and we arrived in Quito about 10:00pm. Ecuador is in the same time zone as Missouri. Unfortunately my checked bag did not arrive and over 40 of us waited in a long line at baggage claim. After finally getting my claim ticket I learned that my bag would not come in until 10:00pm the next day.  We stayed at a hotel right next to the airport that was $17 a night per a person and it was not nearly as nice at the one in Reobamba. 

Hotel in Quito
I packed all my personal gear in my backpack except for a jacket and my hiking boots, so I was ok, but the shoes, socks and bibles I brought to give away were all in the checked bag. Hopefully it will catch up with me in Riobamba today.

Yesterday we looked at all the car dealerships for a good 4 wheel drive for Bro. Hose to drive so he can reach the village’s way up in the mountains where the roads are very rough and not paved. We made the beautiful 4 hour drive south to Riobamba and hit 10,800 ft at one point. Quito was at 9,000 ft and Riobamba is at 8,500.

Maria owns the Hotel here and Pedro who started this ministry witnessed to her a few years ago and now that she is saved she helps with everything.  She is also a trained nurse so she goes up into the mountains and helps with the peoples health care needs.  He hotel is so nice.  It has a courtyard and 34 rooms that are all different.  it is hard to explain because it is nothing like an American hotel.  It is clean with nice TV's and a great breakfast of fruits and other local naturally produced foods.  She said most of her guest are from other countries and her son runs a tour guide service. 

We had some great news this morning. We met a man staying in our hotel from Manchester England. His name is Phil Prescott and Bro. Shockley witnessed to him and he invited Christ into his heart. I had brought only 1 English testament with me to read for myself so I gave him that testament and he signed his name and we went over the scriptures with him. I had brought 25 Spanish Bibles but I never thought I would need an English Bible.

Phil is on a yearlong tour of South America and he is a hiker so we may try and hike the big tall mountain Chimborazo. It is over 20,000 ft tall and would be the tallest I have ever climbed. Phil already climbed a tall one up north so he may be to worn out to do the taller one here.

Today we head to the car market were everyone brings their cars to sell and then up to Quislag. That is where the church is that so many have donated funds to build. That is about 13,000 ft. I bet I wish my jacket was here.

So far it has been a wonderful trip and this country is beautiful and the people are very friendly! Plus God blessed us and Phil with a chance encounter that will change his life forever.

Take care and God Bless!


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