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Monday, June 4, 2012

Attempting Mt. Chimborazo

OK, today Pedro is going with Pastor Jose to try and find a truck.  Since I don't speak Spanish and I'm not a mechanic I am going to try and climb the tallest mountain in Ecuador.  It is 20,708ft tall and would be the highest I have ever climbed. 

It is the tallest mountain in the world if you measure from the center of the earth to the top because it is on the equator.  Mt. Everest is taller from sea level at 26,000+ but Chimborazo is taller from the center of the earth.  It is snow covered and icy but they say it's not a terribly technical climb.  The biggest danger that occasionally kills a climber is falling rocks and avalanches. 

A look at Chimborazo from our hotel rooftop.  
The photo above was taken from our hotel rooftop and is about 40 miles from the mountain.  It has alot of cloud cover, but you can just see the top peeking through above the clouds. 

I have climbed several 14k peaks in CO and I have been up in the Alps in Europe, and northern CA at Mountain warfare school but never this high.  I was always a good climber but I'm 44 now and not as young as when I would almost run up 11k peaks.

Today I go up to a village about 12,000ft and hike around, and spend the night to get used to the altitude.  Then in the am we hike up to about 15,000ft and wait till about 11:00pm to make the final ascent in the night.  There is a full moon which should help visibility and they say hiking at night reduces the chance for falling rocks and avalanches. 

I'm a bit concerned about my abilities but excited to have the chance to try.  Hopefully, I get some good photos of me at the top.

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