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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rod Jetton- Rain and Cooler Weather Speeds Me Up!

My eyes opened and my alarm clock that shines the time up on the ceiling said 4:07.  I was hot and needed some water so I got up, went to the kitchen, and then my mind started racing about all the work related things I had to do today.

I sat down and my laptop and started working and then the storm blew in.  There was lightning and thunder and rain but by 6:30 it seemed to be over.  I started thinking this would be a great morning for a run.  So I got my shoes on, filled up the camelback and took off running.

My pace was faster than last week and I was really wanting to perform better than I had then, hoping the cooler weather would help.  On the way down a big hill about 2 miles from the house I tried to step off the side of the road because a big truck was headed toward me, but slipped in the wet grass and went down.  I scraped up my hands in several places on the asphalt and they were bleeding, but I told myself that trail running was about falling down and not letting it bother you.  Even with the fall, at the three mile mark I was 1 min ahead of last weeks pace.  I ran up the big hills in town and through sunset park, then down to the trail.  It was wet and after my fall I took my time and walked over the rougher parts.  I noticed I had a lot more energy than last week at this point.

Looking up some of the stairs
Looking down some of the stairs
At the top looking down at the Lake

I did walk up all the stairs and even took a few photos to show how steep it was.  The first two are of the steps looking down and up.  The last one is at the top looking down to the valley and Lake Taenycomo below.  At the top I took off down the trail and really felt good.  I was 5 min ahead of last weeks time at the trail head.  I ran over to the office which included one very long and steep downhill and a massive steep and long uphill which I briskly walked up.  I then kept up a good pace to the office and got there at 1:29.  I was tired but felt MUCH better than last week.

Me at the office after the run
Over all it was a good run and gave me hope that I can finish the 50k race in October.  

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