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Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Trail Run in 2011

Ok, for all the experts out their I know this will sound crazy but today was my first trail run.  It was rough.  I have a 6 mile loop here in Branson with some difficult hills that took me 1:05 to run today.  I had to walk most of the steep hills.

Here is this years background though.  I was in great shape last summer and running that trail in like 50 min during the heat.  Then fall hit and Christmas and the cold.  My running stopped and I ate way to much then hunting season and graduations and vacation and I won't say how much I got up to but this week I was back down to 210 which I felt was light enough to try the trails.

Weight makes a HUGE difference on trails.  The hills are steeper than roads and I can feel each pound.  I need to get down to about 190 and then I will run a lot faster and feel better.  So my goal is to get some runs in, ride my bike some and get the weight off so I can get up the hills.  Then I can start going on longer trail runs.

I only have about 12 weeks till the Bass Pro trail race in September so I have to get my mileage up.   I will try to take some photos and keep you up with my progress.

Thanks and take care,

Rod Jetton

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